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Our Aim is to spread awareness, defend and also to become an answer to “ What, When, Where, Why and How” before and after a cyber attack.

Who We Are? – Defend Fraud is an Indian based organization located in Hyderabad. We take the three pillars of security like Integrity, confidentiality, authenticity very seriously by maintaining effective security awareness as a continuous process that identifies assets, analyzes threats and defines acceptable levels of risk.

What Do We do? – Vision of becoming the only kind of total one-stop Information, Physical Security Assurance and Prevention Company which will help every individuals or organization to be aware of frauds that are happening in day to day lives.
We emphasize on management and operations-controlled security as against the conventional technical controls that networks rely upon.
We also work towards bringing out the awareness against and also help in investigating/provide solutions to cyber-crime both at the individual level and corporate level.

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  • Data Breach Planning, Notification Requirements, and External Collaboration Global Privacy and Data Security Laws
  • IS Policies/Standards, Risk Assessment/Management
  • Incident Management, Network Security, Website Security
  • IT Infrastructure Security Implementation, Cloud security
  • Information Security Strategic Planning and Road-maps
  • IT Security Architecture, Design, and Implementation
  • Audit C Access Control, Identity/Entitlement Management

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Nilu Roy

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Aishwarya Singh

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Jyoti Singh

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