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Fake Audit Scams: Are you afraid of Audits?

The article details the fact as to how scammers target taxpayers and encash the opportunity for their personal benefits. Con men misuse the fear that people generally have about audits.

Audit, it is one of the most complicated words or rather a process, which can certainly never satiate your thirst of understanding the term.

So, how many of you have watched the Bollywood movie ‘Special 26’?

That was a hell of an entertainer; don’t you agree with us?

What if we tell you that it was not just a story!!! Okay, so that hit hard right?

Yes, scammers are tricky, cunning and witty players who love money and moreover, they are good actors as well.

Keep reading to find out more.

What is a Fake Audit Scam?

In a typical case, a conman would call and introduce himself/herself as an employee from Comptroller Audit General of India (CAG).

This instantly strikes fear in the person on the other end of the line.

The criminals will then claim that they have audited the reports of the company/person and found some unsettled bills.

This triggers the panic button and the game starts.

The scammers ask an individual/company to settle the bills immediately in order to avoid repercussions.

In another variation, a scammer may also send emails with links directing to the real-looking website of CAG, India.

There will be a malicious link in the website which will re-direct you to the payment gateway.

The most used tactics of the scammers are the threats, such as, heavy penalty or even ending up in jail.

The victim naturally avoids getting into the severity; he/she immediately rush towards the payment procedure and end up getting cheated.

Yesss, You could not Retrieve your money or pain!

But You can Still, Alert your fellow citizens with your painful experience regarding this Tax Scam.

Isn’t It?

Who knows, The next victim might be from one of your Family, Friend or a Client. Don’t let it Go Away!

Now, Its time to Report a Fraud.

Victims of Fake Audit Scam

  • Delayed taxpayers
  • PAN card holders
  • Companies or individual
  • People are targeted most during the auditing period (typically between Jan-Mar)

Case Study: The famous massive Call centre scam

This particular story was the talk of the nation in the year 2018 most importantly because of the uniqueness.

A huge scam was plotted to dupe around 11,000 Americans, by Indian Call Centre representatives.

Americans are terrified of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), hearing famous stories of intensive audits.

As per the documents of this case; during the year 2012-2016 when the crime was active, the victims frequently received calls.

The caller on the other end, a person posing as an IRS or immigration official, was threatening the victims.

The callers asked the victims to immediately pay the unsettled tax to avoid arrest, deportation or other penalties.

The target of this scam was the most vulnerable Americans, especially the older and non-natives and therefore, they were the easiest preys.


With the increasing number of call centres and tech-savvy individuals sprouting from India, the number of crimes is increasing too.

Audit creates panic and the mastermind of this crime took the advantage; while the victims lost their common sense because of the threats

Yesss, We Defend Frauds could not Retrieve your money or pain!

But We can Still, Alert your fellow citizens with your painful experience regarding this Tax Scam.

Isn’t It?

Who knows, The next victim might be from one of your Family, Friend or a Client. Don’t let it Happen!

Now, Its time to Report a Fraud.

Fake Audit Scam: Prevention Tips

  • Interrogate, yes you read that right, never get conscious on call, on the contrary, ask as many questions as you can such as name, details about the person and even the audit report.
  • Contact the government body and figure out the reality.
  • Never pay directly by a cheque and similarly, avoid transferring the amount online.
  • Never reveal personal detail even if the real government official is asking you to do so.
  • Follow the channel; any government process is all about filling forms look at the audit reports.
  • Educate yourself; auditing is just a process where officials are correcting your calculation mistakes, so don’t get into the trap.

Bonus Tip: Spot these behaviours

  • Threatening & Abusive language- Genuine govt. officials will humbly inform you about the fact.
  • Genuine officials hardly contact via email or phone calls
  • Immediate payments– scammers will ask you to deposit the money via cheque or will give you a personal bank account number.
  • Lacking audit reports– the emails will lack an audited report to support their claim.

Did you know that the movie Special 26 is based on a real story?

Let us know about the story in the comments. Don’t be afraid of audits but be very wary of frauds, report it with us.

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