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Spear Phishing: A Phishing Scam- Is the Email Legitimate?

This Article Covers What is Spear Phishing, Victims, Case Study, Lastly Some Prevention Tips to Avoid Phishing Scam.

Is your inbox filled with lots of emails which you must be thinking is it legitimate or not?

For instance Lottery emails where it mentions you have won a certain amount of money and to transfer it in your bank, you need to give your personal details. Thus, some of us end up by providing our personal information via this email.

What is Spear Phishing?

Spear Phishing is a type of phishing where emails are sent to a particular person. Here the sender already knows the targeted person. Now here a question arises how anyone will get our details? The answer is it doesn’t take much time to present themselves as a trusted party and gather your information. Through social media as well fraudster can accumulate the information. Therefore, by knowing about these scams you can protect yourself from being a victim of it.

In Spear Phishing you tend to provide the personal information as it comes from the trusted source. For example, the bank asking you to login to your account right away as there is some issue with the account.

Moreover, these emails are sent in bulk with a motive of fooling people by asking their valuable information. Thus, today it’s someone else, tomorrow it could be you.

There are different forms of Spear Phishing. They might ask you to enter your password by sending you on a fake website or it might also trackers.

Yesss, You could not Retrieve your money or pain!

But You can Still, Alert your fellow citizens with your painful experience regarding a Phishing Fraud.

Isn’t It?

Who knows, The next victim might be from one of your Family, Friend or a Client. Don’t let it Go Away!

Now, Its time to Report a Fraud.

Victims of Spear Phishing Scam

  • If you do online shopping the spammer can easily get your information by sending you an email which diverts you to the login page of the online shop.
  • An SMS or phone call which says your account has to be verified or your debit/credit card is going to expire. Hence, here it tells you to call a particular number or sends you the link so that they reveal the accurate information of the account holder.
  • Most of us also get emails asking for donations and charity. These emails also contain malicious links which steal your personal information.

Case study: Epsilon- A Victim of Spear Phishing

Epsilon an email service provider largest in the world experienced a security breach. In addition, in this breach, the client’s names and email id’s were exposed. The breach was detected quickly and notified to the clients.

spear phishing


The security system installed in the companies should be well advanced. Hence, it should detect and stop targeted attacks. Spear Phishing is one of the targeted attacks.

Yesss, We Defend Frauds could not Retrieve your money or pain!

But We can Still, Alert your fellow citizens with your painful experience regarding this Fraud.

Isn’t It?

Who knows, The next victim might be from one of your Family, Friend or a Client. Don’t let it Happen!

Now, Its time to Report a Fraud.

Prevention Tips: To Avoid Spear Phishing Scam

  • You can share the information about the different scam among your friends, colleagues and family members. Moreover, the business owner should ensure that his employees are made aware of the phishing scam.
  • Do not click on the links which you receive via emails or calls. See that you have a good antivirus and internet security system.
  • Passwords should be changed as often as possible. Use a strong password.

So, in this article, we have made you aware of spear phishing. Hope you will take these safety measures so that you don’t fall prey to spear phishing.

If you have experienced such things you can comment below. Happy browsing!!!


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