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Tax Protester Scheme: Do you want to Save Tax?

This article will shed light on a new kind of scheme, which the con artists are using to target possible victims. Taxes are the most unfavorable payment and undeniable part of our lives. Scammers are tricking people to believe a hoax of choosing not to pay tax.

“In this world nothing is certain but death and Taxes”

As it is rightly said by the great Benjamin Franklin; tax is an undeniable part of your life.

Taxes are tricky and complicated and no matter how much we hate them, It is certain to pay tax.

Most importantly, it is the complicated glossary which makes it difficult to understand taxes.

Hence, it becomes indispensable to learn more on the jargons and the varied range.

One such term is Tax Protester; according to Wikipedia ‘a tax protester is someone who refuses to pay a tax claiming that the tax laws are unconstitutional or otherwise invalid’.

Certainly, the term in itself is enough to make the targets easily get attracted towards the scams related to it.

Eventually, people turn out to be a victim of a crime without even realizing what they are getting into.

What is Tax Protester Scheme Fraud?

In a tax protester scheme, criminals will convince you that you are not supposed to pay taxes.

The scammers will convince the victims to believe that the constitution allows the taxpayer to make a choice between whether to pay tax or not.

The trap is too tempting as a result of which, targeting the victims becomes too easy.

The victims are contacted by phone or email and are provided with a possible act In the law, the trick here is to twist the fact mentioned in the law.

Once you are convinced, they will ask you not to file tax or tax returns and provide the details to the criminals, in order to maintain the record.

The scheme comes with a heavy charge which the victim is supposed to pay, but eventually, reality hits hard when the victims realize that no such scheme exists.

Yesss, You could not Retrieve your money or pain! It’s too late now..

But You can Still, Alert your fellow citizens with your painful experience regarding this Tax Scam.

Isn’t It?

Who knows, The next victim might be from one of your Family, Friend or a Client. Don’t let it Go Away!

Now, Its time to Report a Fraud.

Victims of Tax Protester Scheme

  • Taxpayers
  • High profile Individuals
  • Business person & Celebrities
  • Immigrants

Case Study: The youths duped the Immigrants

Delhi Police arrested 31 accused mostly from North-east, for duping Indians who are residing in America.

The youths plotted a scam of a fake scheme which made the victims believe that they can save tax by protesting it.

Tax-protesting is common and probably legal in America; the youth researched the detail and convinced the victims to fall for the trap.

Also, the criminals took advantage of their accent which was a mix of North-east tone and American tone which made the victims believe that they are calling form an authorized agency in the US.

Furthermore, the report says that the criminals used to gather the data containing information of Indians who have recently migrated to the US.

Then, the con artist would call and pretend to be the representative of the Internal Revenue Agency of the US government.

They lured the victims with schemes in the name of tax protest, tax benefit, and reforms.


If you are among the ones who think that there is always cheat code available for not paying tax, think again!!

Besides the fact that taxes are for the development of the country, people refuse to pay tax.

There’s no such scheme exist and you might end up paying heavy penalty over the due tax or even worst, you can end up in jail.

Yesss, We Defend Frauds could not Retrieve your money or pain!

But We can Still, Alert your fellow citizens with your painful experience regarding this Tax Scam.

Isn’t It?

Who knows, The next victim might be from one of your Family, Friend or a Client. Don’t let it Happen!

Now, Its time to Report a Fraud.

Tax Protester Scheme: Prevention Tips

  • Avoid– No, we are not asking you to avoid taxes but avoid any such scheme which convinces you in not paying tax because it can be a fraud.
  • Tax Saving Options– Chose tax saving over tax protest tax evasion; there are plenty of tax-saving options available.
  • Do not give your personal details such as pan card details and tax filing or return filing details.
  • Government bodies avoid using emails or phones, the will send a letter first therefore, do not fall for the trick if someone claims to be a govt. official.
  • Pay taxes and file returns on time; there’s no alternative.

Did you know that famous protest against the tax which changed the history of India? Let us know about it in the comments, and report fraud with us.

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