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Vacation ticket Re-selling Scam: Discount or Misery

Vacation ticket Re-selling Scam: Discount or Misery
This article will enlighten you about the Vacation scams which can lure you to purchase a pre-booked ticket. After reading the article you will be forced to think twice before booking that discounted rate flight ticket/tatkal railway tickets.

You are planning a road trip for which you’ve taken every safety precautions like First Aid, Insurance etc.

Your vehicle is fully loaded with high tech safety features and you never step out without putting your seatbelt on.

While driving, you see a truck fully overloaded enough to convince it to be a possible threat. What would you do?

You rammed hard into that truck instead of giving it a way to pass.

“What nonsense! Why would I do that?” Probably your thoughts right now…

But this is what most of the victims do when they see a tempting offer online.

Most of the time you are extra cautious you seek for the best investment pieces of advice and better options to your hard earned money safe.

But most of the time we tend to be careless and hand over the money to the travel scammers for the ‘not so good deal’.

Don’t believe us? Read on further to learn more about Ticket reselling scam which is one of its kinds.

What is Vacation Ticket Resale Scam?

You will see an ad or a post about re-selling a purchased vacation package!! Shocked? Wait it is not over.

The fraudster will trick you to believe in the deal by including airline tickets and accommodations as well.

Most of the time scammers will make a reservation and cancel it immediately, which is followed by posting flashy ads with a discounted price of the purchased ticket.

They goof up a story, telling that due to some emergency they couldn’t go on the trip and once you make the payment they will transfer it on your name.

It is only when you travel to the place or at the airport that you realize that you’ve been scammed.

Yesss, You could not Retrieve your money or pain!

But You can Still, Alert your fellow citizens with your painful experience regarding this Travel Scam.

Isn’t It?

Who knows, The next victim might be from one of your Family, Friend or a Client. Don’t let it Go Away!

Now, Its time to Report a Fraud.

Victims of the Vacation Ticket Resale Scam

  • eBay, Olx or Quikr users
  • Frequent Facebook market place users
  • Those who are looking for the websites that are re-selling tickets
  • College students or anyone who is looking for budget travel options

Case Study: The biggest e-ticketing IRCTC fraud

In the wake of increasing e-ticketing scams in India, Indian Railways has deliberated an amendment which proposes to include a penalty to the scammers committing e-ticketing fraud.

With recent advancements in Railways & IRCTC are showering facilities to its customers which is also attracting crime and it is also increasing day by day.

Since now we can book e-tickets at the comfort of sitting at home, scammers can also loot us at the comfort of their home.

The scalpers use software to book tickets and then re-sell or even worst, they sell them at a hiked price. These tickets are not only fake it turns out that they are never being delivered.

Recently, Central Railways had arrested Salman Khan, a 32-year-old male from Mumbai on 2nd May 2018, who allegedly used fake software to purchase Tatkal tickets in just a matter of seconds.

Reportedly he earned a whopping amount of over 35 lakh rupees in a month.


The struggle of booking a tatkal ticket is real, especially for those who are in an emergency to purchase tickets.

The scammers take advantage and lure us with their attractive prices and we fall into the trap without even realizing the same.

These are the alarming incidences which should be enough for you to realize & ensure safe practices while booking tickets or any other holiday package at a discounted rate.

Yesss, We Defend Frauds could not Retrieve your money or pain!

But We can Still, Alert your fellow citizens with your painful experience regarding this Travel Scam.

Isn’t It?

Who knows, The next victim might be from one of your Family, Friend or a Client. Don’t let it Happen!

Now, Its time to Report a Fraud.

Vacation Rental Scam: Prevention Tips

  • Practice safe booking options, only trust via known and trustworthy websites to buy tickets.
  • Don’t hustle; take time, do your research and once you are sure that it’s not a scam move ahead
  • Verify the tickets: Ask for a copy of tickets and call the place or airline services and IRCTC helpline to confirm whether they have a confirmed booking on the name or ID
  • If you are using platforms to purchase pre-booked tickets, always chose to pay via a secure connection and keep a copy of it.
  • While using sites like OLX or Quikr which allows purchasing from an individual, ask them to show a valid ID or try finding them on Social media.

Bonus Tip: Spot the Dodgers

  • They will rush the deal warning you to take quick action to claim it
  • Offered prices are astounding low than the actual price
  • Look for the domain names which surprisingly resembles the ones (e.g. facebook with an ‘o’ missing)
  • Websites that have a high degree of anonymousness are their best friends.

Can you name some of the websites which offer re-selling your tickets? Tell us more about it. Have you been scammed ever or you find someone suspicious? Report it with us…

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